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Follow the success of professional traders,
or share your success with others to get greater profits.

FXOptimax Forex Copy
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Do not worry if you haven't found your best strategy yet! Diversify your portfolio now by following successful traders.

It is so simple, monitor the leaders performance and choose which traders to follow. With just one click, you will copy all of their best trades and earn the same success as these professional traders.

FXOptimax Forex Copy will help you gaining profits, while learning and trying to find the best trading strategy.

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Our Best Leaders

Analyze the performance page of every leader you are interested in. Follow them if they match your risk profile.

Access your personal area to see the complete list of our leaders. Our system provide some information and statistics to help you monitor the leaders' performances.

Once you have found the suitable leaders, follow them and your account will copy their next moves toward success.

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Rank Project Profit Gain
1 Leader 72 $ 21,584.56 539.61 %
2 Leader 110 $ 935.18 467.59 %
3 Leader 84 $ 7,525.70 358.00 %
4 Leader 45 $ 11,641.85 291.05 %
5 Leader 130 $ 7,498.30 187.44 %
FXOptimax Forex Copy
Be A Leader

More and More Success

Be a leader and share your success, get even more profits from your followers.

No extra effort, just trade like usual, let our forex copy system handle the rest. Earn more profits every time your followers copy your trades.

Turn your account on as the leader, set your commission and that is all you need to do. Extra commission will start flowing once the other traders start following you.

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